Until Today, I Thought I Was Folks

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Until Today, I Thought I Was Folks

Title: Until Today, I Thought I Was Folks

Joe was given to Alice’s husband, W. J. Moseley, by a friend who sold bird dogs. Although Joe had good bloodlines, the man gave Joe away because he had defective tendons in his right front leg and could not straighten that leg out. Despite his affliction, Joe was a great bird dog – one damp morning Joe found over 20 coveys of quail for Mr. Moseley and his son to shoot at.

Recalls Tim, “My dad was in his late seventies at the time and barely able to walk on worn-out knees, but at the end of the hunt, my Dad had killed a dozen quail that he took home for mom to fry in her beloved Crisco. I killed only one quail that day but had spent a wonderful morning with my Dad and Joe. I will always remember that day and the fun had by two cripples and a guy who couldn’t shoot straight.

“My mom loved Joe because she loved all underdogs and overachievers and Joe was both. When Joe died at, I think, age twelve, my mom painted his painting. This painting was never for sale because it was her memorial to Joe.”

“I was crying the whole time I was painting it,” she would tell her visitors.

Shortly before her death, Miss Alice told Tim she worried about her depiction of dogs in one heaven and people in another. She said she was planning to see God, as soon as she got to heaven, and convince him to put pets and people in the same heaven. Failing that she said, “I will just get your dad and me transfered to Dog Heaven so I will be there when my sweet Herman arrives. This July, Herman, shown in the photo of Miss Alice on her “About” page, joined Miss Alice, Mr. Moseley and good ol’ Joe.



Available print is 10×16 and will arrive unmatted in cardboard tube.

Original is currently part of the Museum’s collection and on view.



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