The House Is Blue, But The Old Lady Ain’t

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The House Is Blue, But The Old Lady Ain’t

Title “The House Is Blue,But The Old Lady Ain’t”

In 1989, Alice Moseley decided she wanted to move, she called Jerry Dixon whom she met during a street art show in Bay Saint Louis.

“Jerry, this is Alice Moseley. I have decided that I want to move to Bay Saint Louis.” Jerry said he was somewhat flustered that this 80-year-old woman was taking such a leap of faith. “But Alice you don’t know anyone here,” Jerry intoned.

Alice quickly responded, “I know you.”

As her son, Tim tells us,

When my mom signed the contract on Halloween of that year, we left her “house to be” and drove down by the beach. On the beach, was an older man who looked like the world’s saddest person. Mom took one look at him and said “I hope to heavens that’s not me in a couple of years.”

One day after leaving her bright wedgewood blue house, I remembered the old man and thought, “The house is blue, but the old lady ain’t.” While Miss Alice was not to use ain’t (she had resistance from her proper eighth grade English teacher background), she painted the painting.

The original painting is on view at the museum and the print is one of our most popular.

P.S. Miss Alice had very few blue days in Bay Saint Louis and Jerry Dixon remained one of her very good friends.


Available print is 10×16 and will arrive unmatted in cardboard tube.


  1. i have one of Moseley signed prints is it of any value

  2. i have a print with moseley signature is it of any value?

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