Memories of the “Country” Club

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Memories of the “Country” Club

Title: Memories of the “Country” Club

As an 8th grade English teacher, Alice Moseley, was aware of the importance of spelling and punctuation, but she was even more aware of how important it was for her students, especially boys from poor backgrounds, to speak properly whether they went to college or not. The misspellings shown in this painting – “No Grils Aloud” – are typical of some of the raw material that Miss Alice worked on with her students.

Despite her corrections, she was deeply loved and admired. One of her classes had a reunion and flew her to Memphis for a dinner where one gentleman there asked if she remembered the time she told him, “if you get out of your seat one more time, I’m going in the cloak room and get a coat hanger and tie you to the desk.” Miss Alice did remember.

At her memorial service, two of former students remarked that “you did not mess with Miss Alice.” Behaviors, good and bad, do have consequences.


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