Life Has So Many Angles

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Life Has So Many Angles

slider_lifeanglesTitle “Life Has So Many Angles”

This was one of Miss Alice’s favorite works. It can mean many things to many people and Miss Alice was content with letting each person discover its meaning for themselves. It was a comment on perceptions, reality and understandings or misunderstandings. Her cautionary thought was “don’t be too sure of your reality, because it is just your perception of reality,” and what you see depends on what point of view you brought to the table.

This painting won first place in a Mississippi Museum of Arts show in 1986, and inspired by Miss Alice’s friendship with another Mississippi artist, Ethel Wright Mohammed. Mrs. Mohammed did rural scenes much like my mom, but hers were stitched not painted.

Attempting to paint in a pattern that a quilter might use was just one example of how Miss Alice challenged herself to discover new angles and how things can be done differently. Miss Alice believed that the world’s problems could be better solved if we all had a better ability to understand each other’s perceptions.


Available print is 10×16 and will arrive unmatted in cardboard tube.

Original is currently part of Museum collection.

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