Town Home on the Yocana (pronounced Yoc A Knee)

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Town Home on the Yocana (pronounced Yoc A Knee)

ACondominiumTitle: Town Home on the Yocana

Depicting a line of what Mississippians used to call “tenant shacks,” but which Miss Alice elegantly renamed condominiums on the Yocana River in North Mississippi. This river runs through Oxford and ends at Enid Reservoir, the location of Miss Alice’s former home at Plum Point Retreat. William Faulkner created a mythical Yoknapatawpha County for some of his novels which was based upon and inspired by Lafayette County where the Yocana River flows.

Miss Alice gave this painting to her neighbors Bruce and Mary Lou Wickham who later sold back the painting for the Museum’s collection.


Available print is 10×16 and will arrive unmatted in cardboard tube.

Original is currently part of the Museum collection.

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